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SPIRFLEX injector heaters

SPIRFLEX injector heaters

SPIRFLEX heaters represent the ideal solution when nozzles characterised by a very small diameter need to be heated. They are also suited in all the applications where the specific power or the operating temperatures are very high.
These heaters, in fact, can be provide a heating power as high as 8 W/cm2 and can reach operating temperatures up to 600°C. They can heat nozzles starting from a minimum diameter of 6 mm.
These heaters need a minimum clearance to be installed: the difference between the heater external diameter (D) and the spiral internal diameter (Di) is always in the range 6 to 8 mm.
These heaters are employed in all the plastic moulding machines. They are particularly useful whenever a limited clearance is available between nozzle and mould (e.g. in hot-chamber moulds).


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